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We Care About Our
Bodies and Our Future. 


Our Story

Our Journey, which began back in 2007  as DC Kozmetik Ltd., now reaches all across Turkey with our flag ship brand: Escabel. In addition to our high-quality skin creams, sunscreens, natural soaps, traditional Turkish colognes and disinfectants that we produce at our manufacturing plant in Antalya/ Turkey, our locally sourced essential oil varieties have been very well received by our customers.

We're all about affordability and inclusivity and encourage our community of personal care enthusiasts to make the most out of life. Our brand provides endless choices to accommodate our differences.

Our values

To advance in the light of reason and science; To be an institution that constantly learns and develops; To work with a self-sacrificing, hard-working, solution-oriented, well-equipped and qualified staff; To take positive, developing, fair, love, respect and empathic approach in human relations.


Our vision; To be able offer a global and social brand, which enhances the daily routines of our customers.


Our Mission; To produce quality and reliable products in this direction by being sensitive to human and nature; To contribute to the development of our customer base by meeting the expectations with a customer-oriented approach and fulfilling the legal obligations, respecting and affecting ethical values ​​and by observing the competence and social and economic rights of the employees with a reliable organization structure

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